Our Training ProgramsThe summer program and the winter program in detail


The Summer Program

• We offer dragon boat training sessions with certified coaches.
• The training lasts 60 minutes, and includes the use of boat and equipment (paddles, lifejackets) and the presence of a certified trainer.
• Depending on the selected team, you can train once or twice a week.
• Some people choose to join two teams and and can train between 3 to 5 times a week.

Different options are available:

• You can paddle recreationally, just for fun, with no competitions.
• You can also practice this sport with a more competitive nature, and enter into two or more competitions.

• You can choose to sign up for a short season (May-July) or for a long season (May-September). Intermediate and advanced teams usually choose a long season for their training.

• There are different categories for teams: beginners, intermediate and advanced. A fitness test must be passed for you to be part of an advanced team.

• We will select a team for you that best suits your needs and fitness level.

To figure out which team suits you best, call us for details and we can discuss how many times a week you want to train, what is your fitness level, if you are competitive or non-competitive, and if you would like to train for a short season or a long season.

You can also choose to create your own team with your friends, coworkers, family members, etc.. We will provide all the equipment and the services of a certified trainer.

If you are missing paddlers to form a new team, we can help you to fill it.

Our practices are held at 

The Pointe-Claire Canoe Club
73 Chemin du Bord-du-Lac, Pointe-Claire, QC H9S 4H5

The season begins in May 2016.

To register, contact Patrick Scott at 450-806-3104



The Winter Program (CLICK HERE)

Whether you have one or more of the following objectives, our winter training program is available to you.

If you want to: 

1. Maintain or improve your physical fitness; 
2. Strengthen the muscles used in dragon boating and reduce the risk of injury; 
3.  Increase your cardiovascular fitness 
4.  Improve your overall fitness for the next season.

• Our training programs allow you access to a pool, a weight room, and a gym.
• Depending on your team, you can train 1 to 2 times a week.
• The winter training begins in January and ends in April. 

Our training facilities are still to be determined.

 For more information, contact Patrick Scott at 450-806-3104.