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Dragon Boating: What is it?

In less than an hour you can be introduced to one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. A dragon boat has 20 paddlers, a drummer and a helmsman, all working together in unison. Easy to learn and extremely safe, dragon boating is a sport in which men and women can train and compete together.
Dragon boating is an activity that is suitable for all, regardless of your age, size or level of physical fitness, when a paddler has rhythm, they contribute to the success of the team.
Benefits for a business:

Each dragon boat can accommodate a team of 20 employees working together towards the same goal. This activity provides a team challenge where individuals can work together to get better results. Pooling the strengths of each individual in a context outside the workplace can reintegrate the group with stronger ties.
By opting for dragon boating during your team building activities, you are also promoting an active lifestyle for your business. Enjoy an activity with colleagues outside the usual framework is an attractive and valuable option, not to mention the chance to enjoy the great outdoors and discover Lac St-Louis in the West Island of Montreal from another perspective.

The Objectives:

• Working together towards a common goal
• Work in accordance with the strengths and limitations of each individual
• Develop team spirit
• Create a sense of belonging
• Paddle in synergy to optimize team performance
• Promote a good sense of coordination
• Understand the roles that are assigned to everyone in the boat
• Be open to constructive criticism and accept the advice of the coach in order to perform better
• Improve the performance from one race to another

Activities can take place in a morning, or an afternoon. At least 14 people are required to form a team.
Each package includes:

• Renting a dragon boat, paddles, life jackets and the services of a certified trainer;
• A warm-up session with a coach;
• An introductory course in dragon boat (demonstration of technical paddling);
• Boating activities focusing on teamwork;
• A few friendly races;
• 1 hour or more of activities (depending on the package chosen);
Everything takes place on Lac St-Louis in Pointe-Claire.

The following optional services can be added (at an additional charge):
• T-shirts with different colors for each team (a team name or logo)
• Catering

We can organize your team building activity to meet your needs. Contact us for more information.

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